Elves Are Not Imagined…They Are Born (A Personal Fantasy Poem)

by Han M Greenbarg

Elves are not imagined…they are born

Through war and light
Tree and cave

Elves are not imagined…they are born

O’er sea and plain
O’er mount and falls

Elves are not imagined…they are born

Truth of fantasy
Beyond all knowledge
The creatures die out
Disbelief cut them down

I am all that is left
My kin has flown on
The light of my heart
Now winter’s harm

I live as a mortal
All life sees me gone
I am invisible to them
Just a girl without home

The spirit of Elves
I carry in me
I am their last hope
Whether myth that we be

My dreams will not lay
To rest underground
Plants and the furry ones
See past my fall down

Look out your window
Be it dawn, noon, or night
The sky is what I take
Remind me of our fight

I fit an arrow to the string
My stallion rides forlorn
Elves are not imagined, dear friends

…Elves are born.