My Epic

by Han M Greenbarg

Writing may not be a permanent cure

Or a flawless way to win

But writing helps me

Helps us all to live

We can scream or cry to the sky

Broken hearts and on our knees

 But put it on paper and let it through

Everyone will hear and see

We are the same

Writing our hearts is not wrong

We do not do enough

To show that we care

Who we are

Why we fight for life

Angry for being played or abandoned

Remain loyal

Be your own hero

Live the life you were given

No matter what terrorizes

No matter what plagues

Cry at your computer

Or just stand in the rain

Let it fall away

Love is bitter

Always hard

Write your dreams out

Fly in your mind

Smile for yourself

Dancing in the rain

Stand alone

Never let someone tell you no

Never be stopped from being you

If people have a problem with individuals

They are afraid themselves

To just dance and sing

All that makes us euphoric

Just an illusion

A fantasy medicine

You have it in you to live

You are your own friend

Fight for what you know

And understand

Breathe your own oxygen

Run your own race

If no one stays by your side

Take the lead

Take the high road

And own