Writing A Story In Reverse

by Han M Greenbarg

It may sound weird (well I guess it’s kinda normal), but the fact is that I always get so sad to reach the end of anything…end of a book, movie, song, anything. So why not attempt to write a story with the “end” first? And end with the “beginning”? I’m excited thinking about it. It’ll be like looking at the traditional way of plotting a story and flipping it upside-down. So the first page is the conclusion/resolution, then the middle is going backwards to the climax, and then the end of the story reveals to the reader where it all started. I’m really liking this idea and I think I can nail it. I love watching the first scenes of movies over and over and reading the first pages of a book over and over, so why not put the “beginning” at the end? Got something big working up in my imagination station…thanks to all my readers and followers too. This is great fun and I shall continue posting different aspects of my fantasy and real life.