by Han M Greenbarg

Sometimes becoming motivated is hard, but staying motivated can be harder. You need to have something greater to follow and look up to. Whether it be your faith, a tangible person, or your pet, we all need something to help us keep running and fighting despite the wind and fire against us. We have to fight for what we want and believe. Our lives are not for wasting or taking the easy way out. If we do not show the younger generations the proper way to stand and charge up the mountain, they will never learn. They will never find their full potential. There aren’t enough mentors in this world, nor enough well-rounded people. We have to reach higher and persevere in the darkest of days. The sun will come. Even if it is to be a red sunrise, there will be light and a chance for new life to spring and thrive. Survive, protect, fight, run. Thrive in the last days and let the unborn future hear us. We are not afraid. We are not giving up. We are going to win this fight. We are going to see the sun. There is hope and breath and beauty left in the world. One day everyone will see…the light that is meant to be.