The Other Woman

by Han M Greenbarg

One day I hope to show you
What I have become
To stand beyond the pain
Of your words
How you said I was the only woman
How you kissed me
That one
I knew it would not be
I know you lied
I knew about her
You denied
Every time I asked
About her life
I know she wants to keep you
Locked up in her world
You are her slave
Under her spell
Under her guard
You call her your sister
She has you captivated
She is the wall
Between our hearts
What we could have done
Where you could have
Escaped with me
I wanted to love you
I wanted to adore you
I wanted to say you were mine
But you were hers
You are hers
You aren’t just friends
Admit it now
She never lets go
You will never be free
Unless you walk away
Tell her what you want
You want to be with her
Stop denying
I know
I never got to say
How I fear for you
How I wish you were free
You imprison yourself
When the cell door is wide open
You are not happy
You are not free
You will not live if you do not
Run away
I don’t care
If it is me
Or another
Leave her grasp
She is dangerous
Don’t let her win
She wants you
Don’t give in
Or you will be
Lost forever
You gave her your heart
Emotionally cheated
My heart will never be the same
For you
Told her all your secrets
She knows all your pain
You only wanted me
For empty kisses and hugs
You told her about your day
She was your support
When I tried to be
That other woman
Stole you from me