Lost Love

by Han M Greenbarg

Why do we fight for something so risky?

Why do we live for something so easily lost?

If it was easy…

If it was simple…

If it was fun…

Would we all have it?

Would we all understand?

Work. Love is work. Real love is even harder work.

We grow by losing, fighting, challenging….

We question ourselves.

We give up trying.

We take the easy road.

But then it is all lost.

All lost if we give in…

There is nothing left

If we do not keep seeking

If we do not keep running

Toward love

Toward beauty

Toward purity

Toward the ultimate reality


We starve for love. We crave it. We want it more than anything. We deny it. We take what affection we can get. We get a quick fix. We settle.

Settling is giving up. In some ways it is a slow death. But do we really want to stop looking for the best? Do we really want to stop fighting for the deeper meaning in love?

I say we move forward and up.

Always look up. Always hope for more and better.

You deserve better. You deserve more. You deserve the best.