A Raw Dialogue Exchange From a Book In Progress, Short, First draft

by Han M Greenbarg

In a stifling attic:

“You have not seen the meaning of authority, my dear.”

“It’s not your place to show me.”

He paced the length of the floor, gripping the end of the chain in one hand. “You want proof.”

“I want out of this prison.”

“The prison is of your creation. You do this to yourself.” He watched her lower her head. “You want me to be your alpha. Don’t you?”

“Yes.” She backed up, making the chain taut. “Yes, I want that.” —Author: Han M Greenbarg (me)

And a note to those who read my blog and choose to follow me, I appreciate it very much. I hope that some of you will read my books when I start publishing. My goal for years has been to establish myself as a novelist, so I will be in the process of doing that.