How You Wish I Was

by Han M Greenbarg

How you wish I was in the room
Staring in your eyes
Lost in your whims
Part of your fantasies

How you wish I was yours
To hoard and spoil
To be your maid
Follow you everywhere

How you wish I was different
That I had not left
How you wish I had turned back
And given into your desires

How you wish I was helpless
And vulnerable
That I would not fight
Or stand up for my worth

How you wish I came back
Crying in your arms
How you wish I fell apart
For you to put right again


How I wish you knew how strong I am
That I will never go back
That I am not your slave
That I have dignity

How I wish you knew how many times I fell
That I caught myself
That God saved me from the worst mistakes
That I stand taller than I ever have

I am stubborn
I am unshakeable
I am resilient to pain
I am a comeback song
I am a fighter
I stand for justice, honesty, dignity, hope, and unconditional love
I am independent
I am not a pushover
I am not going to change for anyone

This is who I am.
I am here.
I am fighting.
Hear my words.