What I Hope Of You

by Han M Greenbarg

What I hope
May be an impossible dream
What I hope of you
May be beyond reach

I hope you stay
Longer than the last

I hope you speak
With an honest heart

I hope you hold me

I hope you hug me

I hope you kiss me

With the entirety of you

That your intentions

Are more than true

That you mean what you say

That you mean what you think

That I am more than eye candy

That I am more than your dream

That you believe in love

And every gesture you give

That you love me for my mind

And all that I am

That I am worth any struggle

And more than my body

And more than my kindness

That you see that I am strong

And not to be forsaken

That I am human

That I am empathetic

And loving

And accepting

That you see my strengths

And not think they are weak

I hope that you show me

That love is not lost

That I am your beloved

And that we are one