Witch and a Virgin—A Poem For The Brazen

by Han M Greenbarg

Ne’re to quelch the thirst
To nest in a man’s arms
Damn the bloody witch
Who stole the lover’s sword

Pleasure writhing
Pleading to be worn
Chained to a single life
Betrothal stolen away

Virgin with a candle
Wandering in her grave
Forever cursed to celibacy
Lost her love enslaved

Bloody witch paces above
Kicking dirt on the tomb
Shutting up the wailing virgin
Putting on her white gown

The wedding dress taken
Out of the virgin’s room
Her love waits at the altar
Eager for his witch

The year was all a ploy
To make her dance for him
Riding every night
Coddled up in bed

The witch came swinging iron
The virgin took up a kitchen blade
They fought for their lover
Bleeding the other

Ne’re catching a vein
Until the virgin knelt down
Buried alive forever
Hearing the wedding bells

The witch approached the altar
The virgin pushed through the grave
Hellfire rain and black blood stream
The final war commence