Real Love?

by Han M Greenbarg

The word love is one of many meanings

Many interpretations

And many fantasies

We all want someone to love

We all want to be loved

How is it then

That in our journeys

Of finding true love

That we are often lost, scarred, and ravaged

By the outside world?

There is competition

Because everyone wants what we want

Everyone wants to feel what we want to feel

We fight to keep what we have

Even when the other is done with us

We want to believe we are in the right

That we are of sound mind

When sometimes it is not us that

Gets to pick our soul mates

But it is a higher power

That unites us to the one

We can fall

We can shatter

And our hearts put back together

We can lose love

And find a new one

Even if there is a first love that got away

It doesn’t mean we cannot love again

There are billions of people

In this world

All seek something evasive

All seek unconditional love

From someone human

From someone who will hold them

And cry with them

And laugh with them

And kiss them

Who will call them their baby

Who will call them beautiful,



Who will last forever

Isn’t it strange that the one thing

We all chase after

Eventually comes

Whether we know it or not

Sometimes when we choose to give up the chase

That’s when true love

Finds us

And surprises us

And overwhelms us

With the most beautiful


That if we work hard

Can last a century