I Thought

by Han M Greenbarg

I thought I would be married

I thought I’d have the one

I thought I’d be on the road

Traveling with my love

I thought I would be wealthy

I thought I’d have a ranch

I thought I’d be cuddling

My man on the beach

I thought I would have courage

I thought I’d be a rockstar

I thought I’d be published

A million books and one

I thought and thought

And thought and thought

About all I could have been

About what I wanted

About the very end

The door closed on me

On all my hopes and dreams

The road vanished before me

A path no longer lit

I never thought I’d be here

Of all days and hour

With everything I clawed for

Completely disappeared

I never thought I’d feel hope

For better things to come

I never thought I’d fall again

For another love

If it is meant to be

And all the stars align

Then this door is open

For me to make it mine